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About Passport & Plume

Me on an adventure as a child.

As far back as I can remember—we’re talking low single digits in age—I was fascinated by how words can paint a picture in your mind. Early on, I learned that language is like a melody that takes the reader on a journey of the mind, and carefully chosen words are the notes.

By age six, inspired by my parents, I was voraciously reading, devouring books as other children would candy.

I honed and proved my grammatical prowess with aced grammar tests and spelling bee victories. The written word was at the heart of my youthful accomplishments and formed a large portion of my heart itself.

My father reading in his teens.

Much of each year was spent visiting family in many different locations. During those sojourns, at least one short story would spring from the imagination of this only child that fancied herself a wordsmith.

Languages surrounded me in my youth, and each had influence. My globe-trotting Russian father already spoke several by the time he got to English after moving to the U.S.

My second-generation American mother went to French school growing up before also traveling the world as a flight attendant.

Bourlins sailing to Rio from China.

Cultural flavor and a symphony of verbal sounds scored my family gatherings. I reveled in them, tuning my ear to the myriad noises that humans used to communicate.

During the years, through travels and personal experience, I learned to differentiate and identify the various inflections and tones of the world’s many tongues. Through international travels, I also discovered how communication can transcend language.

Writing was always an avocation. After achieving a degree in international relations that involved years of language and cultural studies and diplomacy training, I spent 15 years in public relations, event coordination and marketing before deciding to upheave my life and turn my avocation into a vocation.

My mother in Hong Kong.

Passport & Plume, along with my travel blog (coming soon to screens of all sizes in front of you!) I Wander Off, were born of my heart and mind. Please join me as I take readers on textually and visually inspired journeys.